A Victim of the System

I attended a social event at which another guest expressed indignation about injustices he had suffered or would suffer.

First, he was indignant that the gay man who spoke to Ivanka Kushner on an airplane had not been arrested.  He was certain that the man would have been arrested if he had not be gay.  I investigated later and the witnesses said that he did not raise his voice.   It sounded as though he was nervous and steeled himself to speak up but he did not shout.   Consequently, I do not know what the hypothetical heterosexual would have been arrested for.

Second, he was indignant that Canada’s health care system treated people for knee replacements on a first come/first served basis so that sometimes undeserving individuals got repaired before deserving individuals.  I believe he needed a knee replacement and regarded himself as deserving because he worked at a well-paid job.

He regarded these complaints as legitimate grievances.  If the privileged can regard themselves as hard done by, it is no wonder that politics can become bizarre.

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